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Bang Bros has gained a great deal of acclaim over the last five years, and all for good reason. They offer one of the biggest adult entertainment collections on the web today, complete with many of the biggest names in the business. Like any site, Bang Bros has a lot of good aspects and a few drawbacks as well.

When it comes to the site layout itself, Bang Bros is right on point. It is organized and very easy to navigate using the bars on the home page. Under the navigation bars are the latest and highest rated videos on the site, and they have some of the best. Most of the content that you will find on the site is not unique; it was made by Bang Bros, but is shipped all over the internet as a result of their partnership with forty other sites. The upside of this deal is that you get access to all of these other sites when you join the Bang Bros network.

Another great part about Bang Bros is that there is not a single niche that is not covered. They have everything from dorm room orgies to blacks on blondes. Perhaps the greatest part about this site is that they are only streaming videos that are shot in digital high definition, which means you won’t miss a single detail.

Bang Bros is updated with a ton of material every day, ensuring that you will have no need to go to any other site. In fact, that is their greatest victory seems to be the fact that they have a network that can fulfill your every need with the exception of some of the more hardcore porn. From an objective point of view, the only problem with this website is the constant marketing and watermarking of their site.

Their prices are standard, and may have even set the standard for the adult entertainment business. There is an option for a single day trial version, which only costs a dollar. For a single month you will pay $29.95, without our coupon applied of course. A full year is discounted, and only costs $119.90. Overall, this site is high quality, and well worth the money that you spend, even more so when you consider the additional content you gain access to when you join.