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Brazzers is one of those sites that has benefited from viral marketing and popularity in jokes online. While they are famous for cumshots, there is much more to this site. They say that they are the best high definition porn site, and with a few exceptions, they may just be able to live up to that name.

Brazzers certainly have the numbers to boast about. They have over five thousand unique and exclusive videos that are all shot in high definition, and all available for download. They have over one thousand three hundred porn stars that work for their site. Unfortunately, this means that their selection of amateur porn is rather lacking, but then again that is not the market they want to entice.

Like many other heavy hitters in the adult entertainment business, Brazzers has partnerships with over thirty other sites which makes sure that you can find most of the niches that you want to see. Perhaps the greatest fact about Brazzers is the fact that it is updated over three times daily, meaning that you can find up to ten new videos every eight hours. The site itself is unremarkable; with the banner up top and the latest videos cascading beneath that.

Another interesting part about the Brazzers site aside from the content is the variety of payment options that are accepted. Aside from major credit cards, you can use paypal as well as major retailers such as Walmart and Target. This helps those who do not have a bank account or another option to pay with. Joining the site is made easy and since they are one of the biggest names in porn, it is rather cheap.

You can get a two day trial period for only a buck. Granted, you will not have access to all of their best action, but still it is a good deal. They have the standard $30 for a month, and also have a eight dollar per month access fee if you decide to sign up for an entire year. Overall, Brazzers is above average, and well worth the price for membership.