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College Rules will definitely result into you drooling when you check out its content. The site comes accompanied by 19 videos. They are only available in streaming-only HD MP4 option that you will access in embedded Flash player. This is however, is the opposite of what is mentioned on the join page that indicates that some of the flicks are downloadable. These movies can definitely be considered as a motivation to some high school seniors to desist from taking a gap year. This is because they would not want to miss even a second of the fun.

It is not clear if some of the actions these undergraduates take part in are totally acceptable. You may consider naked twister funny, but toilet-papering houses while you are naked and also greasing up your body to enable you slide down the hallway is definitely a risky affair. They are lucky though since no one has been hurt or arrested. It is a well-known fact that drunken female students usually fancy girl on girl action but it does mean that they are lesbians. The babes in these College Rules flicks use it as foreplay before proceeding to sucking and fucking the guys. There is always $5,000 prize money up for grabs, so these teens know that for their videos to win it must be excellent and not even a single thing left out. They may be yet to earn their MBAs, but it is a clear fact that sex always sells.

The site has 18 photo sets that have great pictures. You will access a separate vid cap for the entire 8 scenes. Some of these chicks are stunning so if it so happens that they do not further their education, they should opt for a career in porn. College Rules updates once every two weeks. The advertisements for other sites are however not very appropriate. However, nothing is included in your membership. The bonus section has been re-branded specials to let you know that you are not receiving bonus content but actually deals on membership to other sites.

College Rules is great and even has material that is shot entirely for the site. Joining it is definitely worthwhile.