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Once you have finished high school, that’s the only real time you can say that life has truly begun. Why? Because college, that’s why! Dare Dorm is here to prove that true. Or at least remind you of the truth you have been through back in your college days presuming that you’re already a father or an old man now. Whether you’re a full grown-up now or still in the ultimate days of college, either way, you should definitely watch the contents of this site.

Inside the Dorm

What’s inside the dorm? Usually, dorms for women are exclusive for dorms for women. When a man gets to enter there and he gets away with it, or more to the point even gets to live a life in it, then he is so damn lucky. Take for example a video in Dare Dorm. There’s the women’s dorm and there are the men in it. They got invited, so they got in. They played the game called “Dare” and voila! There came the name of Dare Dorm. With the total influence of this phenomenon, college students have become more wild and more liberated in showing off what they have. What they do inside the dorm is play fuck. They fuck and fuck, they take turns, one woman does the camera while the other gets to lick the penis. Then she gets ass fucked and the whole party becomes allured to the whole gig and they all have sex. And they’re not even drunk!


That’s the thing about college years, you are very active in sex. The 103 videos of Dare Dorm is again here to prove that true. Each video runs more than 10 minutes each, which shouldn’t make your run low on your dosage. There are some photo galleries that you can reminisce the good days with, too. But unfortunately, all the videos are only for streaming. No downloading.

On the brighter side, Dare Dorm membership is only 9.95 dollars a month, which means you still get more than what you pay for. The videos are currently being updated and more contents are to be anticipated in the following days. Enjoy! And if you’re still in college, enjoy all the more the wild way!