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Digital Desire should really be seen as being a labor of love because this site focuses entirely on the work of just one photographer, J. Stephen Hicks who has worked for so many of the big names in the industry over their career. When you have the likes of Penthouse and Playboy on your resume it does mean that we are correct in expecting this site to contain content that is out of this world and do you know something? It is.

As of this minute, there are over 2700 photo sets and more than 1000 movies and each one is shot to the highest possible standards and you are going to be taken aback by how everybody just looks absolutely gorgeous all of the time. They certainly know how to get the best out of everybody as the lighting is perfect, the angles are superb, and the models are going to blow your mind.

Digital Desire is not about hardcore sex, but instead it focuses on the beauty of the female body and in particular when it is naked. They have a large number of models on this site and they are certainly varied enough to give something for everyone no matter what your personal preferences may be. They do tend to prefer natural girls though, but Hicks can turn anybody into a star as well.

The site itself is clean and functional and you can do a simple search according to various criteria to help you in your search for the perfect soft core photo shoot. When you are not promoting hardcore porn it does mean that everything is a lot easier, but there is always a touch of class throughout the site and this does, in turn, perfectly reflect what they are all about.

If you are a lover of the naked female body and do not care about the sex side of things, then Digital Desire is the perfect website for you. The quality of the content is outstanding, the quality of the models on the site are superb, and overall it is just an enjoyable experience for you the viewer.