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In this age and era, everything is turning digital and even the playground has now gone digital. This is not a kids’ playground with monkey bars and such stuff but a Digital Playground where adults converge to play with themselves while watching other grownups play with each other. This site is huge and still growing, and the people behind it, DP Production Company, are very good at what they do. You will locate a particular chick by simply perusing the “girls” segment or just look out for Digital Playground girls. You can also widen your search to cover all the models and browse for porn stars.

Apart from the models, navigating the rest of the site is not that amazing because of the huge amount of content, but you will be able to save your favorites. Searching would be amazing if an advanced search was availed, but at the moment you will have to make use of the basic one provided. The DVDs and scenes can be sorted by date, highest rated and most watched. This will also assist you in trimming down your choices. The 2,644 episodes can be streamed in what seems to be HD. Since they cannot be saved, it is not easy to come up with their actual bit rates, but if you enlarge them to full screen in the embedded Flash player, they remain clear. Most of their raunchy scenes are obtained from 457 adult films.

Clicking into either a scene or an entire movie reveals an option “pictures” together with links to view it by scene, trailer or have a glimpse of the behind the scenes footage. Each scene also has its own gallery. They are great in quality though there are no Zip downloads. For bonuses, you will be allowed access to the vast amount of stored third party DVDs. A new DVD, mostly consisting of five scenes is also added weekly to keep you completely entertained. Digital Playground is fantastic, but it would have been even more remarkable if it had downloadable videos.