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Jav HD is a site that comes with many promises. They say that they have the best Asian porn in the market. They say they have the best HD material and that they have huge numbers in terms of pics and videos. This review will look at all their claims to determine if they are being fraudulent or sincere.

Apparently, the sites name is a short form for “Japanese Adult Video HD”. The Jav HD site prides itself on giving members HIGH RESOLUTION and HIGH DEF material. As for the numbers, well there are four sites included, over 37000 pictures and over 12572 videos. That is very impressive.

These “Asian-Porn-Masters” keep on making and uploading two updates on a daily basis. The center of the homepage has thumbnails that have updates with time stamps so that you can identify the latest updates. The navigation inside is fast and simple. Various methods of arranging and sorting the material are available. 

There is the niche option where you can arrange the movies and pics according to genre. There is a model index for viewing the exotic Asian gals inside. There is “most watched”, “highest rating”, and “recent updates” options that members can use. The one thing the site could do is to add a bit more info and/or bio of the gals, but as things stand, the site’s navigation is marvelous.

For the Jav HD videos, you will be able to stream or download and the quality is clear and crisp, just like HD is supposed to be. The .zip files are useful for downloading the pictures, and if you just want to look at them, simply use the browser. The Asian dolls inside may have that look of “innocence” but they are far from shy when things start to get freaky. 

There are scenes where one gal takes on several pricks, facials, blow jobs and other hardcore niches. The models are seductive and very capable of making anyone spill all their white-cream. The sites inside will give you squirting gals, sucking babes, and all types of Asian hardcore. The only slight issue is that some of the old materials don’t have the same HD quality as the new stuff. Apart from this, Jav HD scores major points on all other areas.

It is nice to know that Asian gals can be just as crazy and just as hardcore as other gals can. This site lets you look at various hot Asian gals from a creative and pleasing new perspective. They also have bonus sites, a great updating schedule, and enough content to keep you jizzing cum for a long time. “Recommendation?” If you love Asian hardcore, you can’t go wrong with Jav HD.