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A man’s innocence is very hard to preserve these days. But who cares when you’re having a lot of fun, right? Breaking through innocence is a part of human nature and it applies to every gender and every sexuality. And this is going by experience with the jaw dropping Playboy Magazine collections I’ve had since I was 14. I have discovered better options through the years and that is all thanks to the advancement of technology. Hell, I have even found the ultimate animate version of the magazines I’ve been drooling over for years. And that is Playboy TV!

The first time I entered the Playboy TV site, it was frigging awesome! What I’m talking about is the first video I got to watch in it. It was about two girls ordering pizza over the phone, expecting a guy to deliver their order to their crib. As they were busy flirting with someone over the video cam, fully naked shaking the boobies and asses, a woman arrived delivering the pizza they ordered. They were disappointed at first knowing that it wasn’t a man and that they had no cock to suck and a cock to bang their holes.

Eventually, they realized how fun the delivery woman was when she joined their schmexy activity and finally giving them the threesome women action. What’s more is that all of the happenings took place under the heat of the sun by the poolside and everything was crystal clear and sure enough you wouldn’t be able to stop your penis from erecting.

In comparison to other websites, Playboy TV is a bit more hefty with its 29.99-dollar tag. However, all the porn contents you get are of premium quality knowing for a fact that the network has been around since the early 80’s. So basically, you can take it to be the Father of all porn for the reason that it is! There are 1,432 new videos to watch and counting. You can choose from series types of porn or movies for that ever-dramatic ending. What ever your taste for porn may be, whether you love the classic vintage or the modern day Zeitgeist of pornography, just tune in to Playboy TV and you’ll get better than what you want.