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As a new site, POVD is definitely raising the bar as far as beautiful porn is concerned. And for the simple price of one great HD site, you will receive access to 4 other sites, which also promise to deliver HD material. This only sweetens the deal being offered by this newbie porn site. 

So let’s concentrate now on the design, features, and material you will receive should you fork out that cash for a full membership. As with anything new, the insides of this site look amazing with modern design that is appealing but still maintains its functional value. At the top page is where you can see your membership status.

Once you are done with that, fly over to the various links, models, scenes, and other content inside. The way the webmasters designed the site makes it easy to read texts and the images just jump into your eyeballs and never leave. The arrangement of the site shows that some effort and care was put into making it and you are definitely going to enjoy clicking and moving around inside the site. 

There are links to take you to scenes, bonus sites, index pages, or to the gal’s page. The material inside POVD can be split into “most viewed” and “date uploaded” to help you search for what you want. The site updates once every week and has interactive features like “Rating” of the scenes.

There are 32+ movies and 32+ picture sets (as we said before, the site is still very new). There are downloading options and material inside is nothing but HD quality. The site has big files, with trailers that let you sample what the big files have to offer before downloading it. The production value of the movies inside is right up there with the best porn films ever made. 

The POVD directors, performers, cameraman, etc, all know how to make searing hardcore material. The various camera angles will make you appreciate the POV style used and make you start believing you are really in there! (Or at least that’s the intended effect).

The site also tried very hard to make the pictures big pixel quality that will delight the members. There is a .zip file used for downloading and all the other interaction features can be accessed in the picture gallery (we’re talking about commenting, rating, and adding favorites). The only thing you have to watch out for is that the site doesn’t have a lot of material, but they are actively adding something each week, and the potential of more stuff to come is always there. 

The kind of quality inside POVD is something to seriously consider. The fact that they have a nice navigation platform and hot gals doing all nasty stuff in full HD color makes them a porn site worthy of your consideration. This site is quality at its very best. It would be wise to give them a chance to wow you, so check them out!