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TS Playground brings to you the sort of entertainment that will have you wetting your pants with cream. Their hot chicks are beyond doubt in a league of their own. This is due to the fact that apart from coming with their own bats and balls; you will also encounter some stunners in this site. There is a blonde-haired woman with blue eyes who will literally stun you. Another who is lean, has titties that seem so natural, and is a fondness of all types of kinkiness will also thrill you.

There are 162 videos available for you to enjoy and most of them can be downloaded as HD MP4s. You will also access a streaming MP4 alternative and a single one for handy devices. If you are into Windows Media files, then this option is also availed to aid you in downloading. Considering the theme, even though you will mostly view solo scenes, you should not be cheated into thinking that the entire compilation is like this. You will come across hard core involving she-males making love to one another and in some scenes; a beautiful chick also joins in the action. There are also some occasions when a rather gender-less male takes center stage in the action and one of them is particularly quirky.

There is a guy dressed up as a bumblebee. His costume has yellow and black stripes and resembles colored leg warmers. He also has wings, sunglasses and a dog collar. He is paired with a very gorgeous blonde chick, what follows is amazing fucking that you should watch by yourself to believe. You can view all the scenes together with all the others in the available 154-photo galleries. Clicking on the gallery thumbnail leads you to the slideshow window. However, you will be required to press play in order for the slideshow to start playing automatically. You can also enlarge the images by pressing on an X that is availed to you at the corners of each photo to achieve a full high-res option.

Under the banner at the top there is “network” tab and clicking on it gives you access to thumbnails for a variety of scenes from other relating sites such as Strap Attackers, She Plays With Her Cock and much more. TS Playground is great and has amazing content. If you fancy babes with dicks, this is definitely your site.