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WeAreHairy is one of those websites where the name really does tell you everything that you need to know about what it is going to offer you. If you guessed that the site was all about women with a hairy pussy, then congratulations. If you guessed that it was a site where they have very, very hairy pussies, then you are the winner.

Hair, Hair, Everywhere.

These chicks do not just have some hair on their pussy, but instead they have hair that is like a throwback to seventies style porn. We are talking about a full bush all over and not just hair on top, but do you know something? It is actually quite cool to see as it is very different to the majority of porn that you will have watched over the last few years.

The Action Is Hot With A Hairy Bush.

These chicks just love to fuck and they certainly have no problems with getting the guys hard when they expose their fur. It does not stop the guys from fucking them hard and fast and they love a cock in any hole possible before coming as hard as they can. You know something? I think I am falling in love with the hair.

There Is More Content Than You Expect.

The WeAreHairy site has over 2,700 movies and more than 3,000 photo galleries to check out and that is a lot of hairy porn. The quality of the content is also pretty good, but as is the norm the older stuff is not as good as the more modern movies, but that is simply because of technology. Moving around the content is also very easy to do as you can do all kinds of searches depending on the type of sex you want, so I certainly have no grounds for complaint here.

So WeAreHairy is a site that I was happy to come across, in more ways than one. The chicks are hot and it is a turn on seeing them the way that nature intended. Don’t believe me, then check it out for yourself.